Crazy diets that work fast

Weight loss has been the struggle of many people for lots of years now. Because of this, there are more crazy diets that work fast that people use in order to stay slim. Even though it was already proven that the only means to lose weight is through exercise and healthy eating, people continue to think that the upcoming commercial for a fad diet will be the “miracle solution” to their weight loss miseries. Below are some of the diets that work fast that numerous people believe to be effective.

The apple diet – originally, people will eat an apple before eating their meals to avoid eating too much. It has shown positive results and these days people have changed it. People alternate days between eating anything they like and eating nothing but apples. This is a healthy eating the result can be strong dislike to apples.

The lemonade diet – basically, this diet is made from organic maple syrup, lemons, water and cayenne pepper. During the period of the whole diet, all you need to take is lemonade aside from salt flush and water.

The sex diet – this diet is perhaps the one which forms the least sense. The idea behind this is that when you are craving for food, you will have sex instead. The problem with this is that, all people get hungry all though the day when they are in school or at work. For instance, when you are home, perhaps your partner is at work. The proposal of this diet plan did not consider the number of nonworking people who are overweight. Aside from that, he or she underestimated the amount of times that a woman or a man can long for a chocolate in a day.

The colorful diet – with this diet plan, you will eat a certain color of food each day. For example, today you will eat something green, the next day; you will consume foods with orange color and so on. What do you think would be the problem with this diet? Although there are many green foods that are healthy, there are still tons of loopholes. You could consume mint ice cream, Shamrock shakes and other green foods all day and you will still feel that you are stuck on that plan.

Health experts say that while these crazy diets that work fast can have positive outcomes, it is always great if you go for exercise plan and reasonable healthy eating.

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